YeaStar Sxxx-Hotel Module

Σε απόθεμα
Activation Licence for module HOTEL for S series IP-PBX


General Features


Yeastar Hotel App Features

  • Booking
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Group Checkout
  • Schedule Wake-up Calls
  • Call between Room Phones
  • Set Do Not Disturb
  • Guest List: the Hotel App will keep the guest information if the guest has stayed in the hotel before.
  • Booking List
  • Email Template: for the booking (or the booking cancel) confirmation email.


  • Billing Report: view, manage and download billing reports at ease.
  • Call Rate:used to charge the external calls made on the room phones. It’s your decision to set different call rates for calls of different destination, time duration, and etc.
  • Hourly Stay
  • Holiday: set your holiday time/date range. The room price will automatically change to Holiday Price when the holiday comes.
  • Mini Bar:set minibar items and record minibar consumption.

Room Operation and Management

  • Room List:On the Room List page, you can check the room status, check the room guest’s information, and also perform multiple operations like check-in/out,  room status change, move room for guests, etc.
  • Room Groups:After checking in the guests, you can group the guest’s rooms if they are a team group or tour group.
  • Room Type:Set standard room, business room, etc. with different price settings.
  • Display Room Status
  • Set Room Status by Extensions: The hotel cleaner can dial the relevant feature codes on the room phone to change the room status.
  • Change Room:You can change the guest room with any free/vacant room. If the guest had made outbound calls or consumed mini bar items in the previous room, the system will automatically add the charges into the bill.
  • Locked When Checkout:The room phone will be locked automatically if the guest checked out the room.


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