Ubiquiti Loco M5

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NanoStation Loco M5, antenna 2x13dBi, outdoor, MIMO 5GHz, AirMax Station
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NanoStation Loco M5 is miniature copy of the very popular NanoStation M5 with unbelievable price with speeds up to 150 Mbps!


NanoStation Loco M5 is a powerful entire outdoor unit including 2 x 13 dBi antenna (MIMO) for the 5 GHz band. Unit allows for real communication speeds up to 150 Mbps.


Another advantage is in addition to high data transfer rates thanks to the use of 802.11n standard time multiplex TDMA, which allows the unit in AP mode to connect multiple clients, and low latency. Web administration is very simple and clear.


Settings include:

- AP mode, client or WDS
- Traffic shaping
- QoS
- Between WAN and LAN routing and transparent bridge, with or without NAT
- Antenna polarization (vertical / horizontal / adaptive)
- Disable or enable the output to an external antenna
- Signal strength, which correspond to the specific signaling LED
- Output power up to 27 dBi


Included is a 24 V power supply and PoE injector, which contains the reset button which can also indicate NS TFTP firmware recovery mode.


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