Ubiquiti Loco M2

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NanoStation Loco M2, antenna 2x8dBi, outdoor, 2,4GHz
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The NanoStation Loco M2 is an outdoor 802.11n (Ubiquiti Airmax) MIMO dual antenna Access Point/CPE/Bridge for 2.4GHz operation. Ubiquiti's Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) AirMax protocol allows each client to send and receive data using pre-designated time slots scheduled by an intelligent AP controller.

Antenna have slightly lower gain than the Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 and are suitable for shorter links although Ubiquiti quote up to 50+kms at high speed.

AirOS software includes the AirView Spectrum Analyser software to display activity across channels and a web-based server network management application which allows operators to centrally manage entire networks of Ubiquiti devices.


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